Pre-Need Planning & Arrangements

One of the most generous and sensitive things one can do is to take care of all the arrangements for one’s own interment, or those of a loved one, prior to the actual need. This allows one to be clear-headed in the decisions that are faced, and to receive input from all appropriate parties.

We encourage you to contact the Mount Hope Office to begin discussion of options you may consider.

Once arrangements are put in place, one can have a sense of peace that all will progress smoothly and in accordance with the wishes of the departed. In the midst of eventual grief, this will bring an added measure of calm and satisfaction at the time of need.

Mount Hope Cemetery allows for pre-planning in the same way as regular funeral arrangements. Among the advantages of pre-payment is that one is locked into the price of interment at the time of signing. In spite of eventual price increases, the amount paid at the time of pre-payment is the price of interment at the time of one’s passing, even if the death occurs decades in the future.

Pre-need planning ensures that one’s wishes are known and carried out appropriately. Additionally, one can save on the overall cost as certain discounts are permitted if pre-planning is completed. Mount Hope also offers competitive payment options.

Ensure wishes are met

Save on Overall Cost

Clear-headed decisions

Need Flowers?

Stop by our office, or simply call us by phone, and choose from any of the arrangements we have in our selection of artificial flower arrangements. Our staff will place the flowers on your loved one’s grave at no charge.

If we do not have what you have in mind, we will be happy to order such for you. Contact us at (843) 662-5145

Burial Options at Mount Hope

From its inception, Mount Hope has strived to meet the needs of the community. We recognize the changing attitudes and needs of individuals and families; we are pleased to offer a wide range of burial options that align with the financial resources and personal preferences of all families.

From traditional burial in single or family plots, inurnment within niches housed in our mausoleum for cremated remains, and mixed burials with both urns and caskets, we genuinely seek to assist you in finding the suitable location for you and the needs of your family.