Mount Hope Cemetery

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We have several different kinds of burial options at Mount Hope. Whether you prefer traditional ground burial, mausoleum entombment, or cremation, we have something that will fit your preference.


Along with having different burial options, we also have affordable payment options to fit every budget. It's really simple:




You decide how much you wish to put down and we'll spread the remaining amount over however many months you choose, up to 72 months

Traditional Ground Burial

Bronze Gardens

Our Bronze Gardens allow individuals to remember their loved ones with a number of various Bronze memorials.



Monument Gardens

We also have Monument Gardens which give those who prefer traditional upright monuments, room to do so

Mausoleum Entombment

For those who choose the mausoleum for their burial preference, they will have the choice to use our state of the art chapel that is located inside of the mausoleum.


Whether the service is big or small, rest assure there is plenty of seating. There is room to accommodate 160 people in the chapel. For your convenience, we also have a piano and a sound system for any special music that you may want to include during a service.

True Companion Crypts

Single Crypts

The True Companion Crypts allow for two people to be entombed in the same crypt. The caskets will be placed head to head and both people will be memorialized on one bronze crypt plate.

Maybe you are looking for a crypt for just one individual or you want two separate crypts, either way there are several options for Single Crypts. Just like with the True Companion crypts, the crypt plate is also included.




We offer Glass Front and Granite Front Niches.


The Glass-Front Niches offer:


• Single or companion entombment

• Permanent visual memorialization

   in attractive urns for generations

   to come

• The opportunity to display

   treasured photos, awards, or

   other memorabilia to highlight the

   life and character of your loved


• The option of changing

   memorabilia or seasonal




Personal Estate Columbaria allow for two, three, four, or any other number to be buried together in a unique and customizable way. The columbaria can be placed in any of our monument gardens.


Ground Burial

There are many options that are also available for those who wish to use either our bronze or monument gardens for the burial of cremated remains.

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